Risk Assessment: Heat Safety and Your Pet

Is your summer routine putting your pet at risk for heat related injury or heatstroke? D. K’s Pet Clinic asks the following questions, to help you recognize and understand the dangers of heat for pets.    Do you spend a lot of time outdoors with your pet? Your pet enjoys spending time with you, but [...]

The Sound and the Furry: July Fourth, Fireworks, and Your Pet

It’s early morning, and you go to let the dog outside, but he’s nowhere to be found. The cat isn’t at her normal station beside the can opener. Where is everyone?  The backyard is empty, but the air is acrid and smoky. You recognize the scent of used fireworks.  It is July 5th.    You search [...]

Itching to Make It Stop: Pet Allergies 101

The rising temperatures bring blooming flowers, and for many, allergy season. Pets, like people, are prone to seasonal, environmental allergies, which may lead to many sleepless nights for pet owners and pets, because of uncontrolled scratching and discomfort. Pets are also at risk for year-round allergies. Pet owners whose pets have allergies know the frustration [...]

Dr. K’s Guide to Pet First Aid

April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month. The team at Dr. K’s Pet Clinic is here for you and your pet—you already know to call us and bring in your pet when an emergency arises. But, every pet owner also should be prepared to perform pet first aid at the scene of the emergency, as [...]

Pet Parasite Prevention with Dr. K

Dr. K’s Pet Clinic is your partner in preventing parasites in your pet. We will develop prevention protocols for your pet against the four most common pet parasites—heartworms, intestinal worms, fleas, and ticks—and provide you with the parasite prevention products that best fit your pet’s needs. Heartworms and pets Heartworm infection begins with a mosquito [...]

5 Common Myths About Pet Dental Health

Pet dental health is a hot topic in the veterinary world—and for good reason. Shockingly, by age 3, most dogs and cats have some evidence of dental disease, which can be characterized by plaque, tartar, gingivitis, and other abnormalities. But, with seemingly infinite resources regarding pet care, how do you know what information is good [...]

Veterinary Emergencies: To Go or Not to Go?

Terriers communicate and collaborate by nature, and Zippy the Advice Terrier is no exception. Zippy is known for his ability to assess situations quickly and make decisions confidently, and he recommends using the same approach when you suspect a pet health problem or possible veterinary emergency. We interviewed this smart, special terrier who calls himself [...]

A Monthly Guide to Pet Wellness

Keeping your pet healthy isn’t always as simple as it seems. From weight management, to pet-proofing, to unexpected emergencies, taking good care of your pet requires work. But, it doesn’t have to be difficult. With our monthly guide, you can take steps toward ensuring your pet’s good health throughout the year. Here are some tips [...]

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